Star Wars : Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Blasters

Captain Trexx Saves the Children

Cap'n's Log 00006 (In which Captain Trexx saves the children)

With no time to waste we plot a course for Roon making only one quick stop to bury our treasure on a planet that rhymes with halitosis.

What kind of coward would attack our home, endangering the lives of the children living there? This Genesis Archive would feel the full wrath of Captain Trexx.

Were it not for the two week hyperspace journey we would have held the planet. By the time we arrived, the fighting was over and an enemy vessel was leaving atmosphere. The Latest Trick proved more than a match for this vessel and we landed soon after scuttling it.

The place was hard to look at, harder still was seeing the empty port office where Jeb should have been sitting. The crew went straight to our base of operations to assess the nature of the attack, I left them to it and went to save the children.

I found the children hiding in their favourite hide and seek spot where I rescued them from a marauding horde of evil looters trying to kill them. One child Kreev my number one fan was missing, I found a trustworthy survivor in their house and left the children with them before regrouping with the crew, looking out for the children the whole time.

As a team we finished our sweep of the area, gathering survivors up by Chok’n’Dix’s scrap shop, here is where I found Kreev who had been separated from the others. Cornered by two archivists, the only way he could survive was to use the skills he had absorbed through proximity to his hero Captain Trexx and kill the two of them, a tragic but unquestionably brave thing for a child to have to do.

The scrap yard is also where we found Jeb, or rather the body of Jeb who died defending the children of Roon by manning the anti-ship weapon we have since bolted onto the Latest Trick; his sacrifice will be remembered.

Having saved the children in the town and gathered the remaining survivors we allowed them access to the trick where we waited for any survivors in the surrounding jungle. Having waited an appropriate amont of time we took the refugees to Rodia so that they may find a more peaceful home.

As we touch down in Equatreek, I can only hope the governor here is willing to accept refugees and won’t try and exploit our situation by having us do his dirty work.

While I regret the destruction of our base I hope someday to rebuild it and while the deaths of those who died defending it was a tragic waste, at least Captain Trexx saved the children.


FCaldwell rareveritt

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