Star Wars : Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Blasters

Episode III - Falleen From Grace

Cap’n’s Log #00004 (continued)

We plotted a course for Falleen, our primary concern was the recovery of the shipment: no shipment, no payment. We left Dr. Hanay and that other bloke somewhere and went on the hunt for information. A few bar fights and a shootout with imperial stormtroopers later we had the location of the shipment and information of an impending assault from an anti-imperial “terrorist” group. We planned our raid on the warehouse to coincide with the assault.

The warehouse raid hit complications when our old blue friend, Curt Lington’s associate made his arrival and a shootout broke out in which our surgeon used a loading crane as a weapon, there were explosions, lasers and a man on fire. Ye should have been there it was one of the all time great warehouse shootouts. So after Blackout satisfied his lust for blood and sated his murder-boner, we walkout out all normal like and went to see how the rak’ghoul cure was going.


FCaldwell rareveritt

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