Star Wars : Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Blasters

Episode V - When Life Gives You Blocks

Make a Blockade

Cap’n’s Log #00004 (continued to the point of absurdity)

An imperial blockade met us up in space. After a cunning show of diplomacy and misdirection from myself they scrambled tie fighter squadrons to engage us and opened fire with their turbolasers. We made some fancy manoeuvres and some spot-on gunnery thanks to my legendary leadership and co-piloting skills but the tie fighters were gaining on us. Not to be deterred I sent them a clever message, daring them to bring it on just as a turbolaser made contact and took out our weaponry.

Undefended but unbeaten we pressed on, a lone tie fighter approached, flown by our undercover helmsman Zhiran Xanthur. He provided covering fire allowing us all to make our escape. This bought me precious time to finally write up me adventures in me log as I plot a course for the cantina, a double sarlacc awaits…


FCaldwell rareveritt

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