CT-1212 "Blackout"

Clone Gadgeteer


Clone of Jango Fett
Usually found tinkering with some gadget or other, a habit picked up from his time in Clone intelligence

Major faction relations:

Empire: Does not like, fully aware the ISB tried to keep tabs on him, believes he shook their tail years ago

The Alliance to restore the Republic (Rebel Alliance): No strong feelings one way or the other, Blackouts resentment towards The Old Republic could bleed over to the Rebels if he feels they are too similar.

N.B. Blackout resent the old republic for creating what he considers a slave race to do it’s dirty work when there were thousands of citizens that could have fought for their homes.


CT-1212 was decanted and bred on Kamino, one of the “Alpha” ARC program (The Alpha-class Advanced Recon Commandos were a group of 100 Advanced Recon Commandos created from Jango Fett’s DNA by the cloners of Kamino). Although the Alpha-class ARCs were created with unaltered independent minds just like their Null-class predecessors, these second generation ARCs were more obedient and reliable to the Jedi because Jango had instructed the Alpha-class ARCs to follow their orders

CT-1212 had his mind changed on this matter after the battle of Kamino, where the rescue of the Jedi in the arena cost the lives of many clones and Jango himself was killed in the fighting by Jedi. Continuing to serve in the Clone intelligence division, alongside the Omega squad of clone commandos, he witnessed the very worst of the intelligence war between the GAR and the CIS. Often working alone, he developed an insistence on maintaining his gear – doing so religiously saving his life on more than one occasion. He was instrumental in bringing word of Jedi General Pong Krell’s defection and orchestration of massive clone casualties back to the Republic, making his way through CIS space for two weeks. Upon his arrival, the news was unsurprisingly declared sigma level classified and swept under the rug. Krell’s death at the hands of an overly dogmatic clone always struck CT-1212 as suspicious – especially as having him alive would have meant all sorts of inconveniences for the Jedi such as bad publicity and “due process”. Someone might even have thought to ask them why they were recruiting an army of child soldiers to fight for them.
He served for the rest of the clone wars, but was isolated when Order 66 came through and therefore unable to finally gain the measure of revenge he sought for all those young clones that died on Geonosis (and after) both protecting and sometimes because of Jedi.

As clone intelligence, Blackout was part of the effort to find General Grievous. In this capacity, he was surprised when the information almost fell into the GAR’s hands. A high level droid general was captured with almost no effort which had information in its’ memory banks which suggested Grievous was on Mustafar. Blackout did not trust this intelligence, it seemed too obvious a trap. However, his advice was ignored and a Jedi general was sent to ascertain the truth of the situation.

In his service as an intelligence operative, CT-1212 was tasked with devising methods of eliminating Jedi – should they become a problem. Under the guise of training exercises he tested various methods of distracting, disorienting and otherwise neutralising their extended abilities. He also managed to fabricate a set of documents that would allow him access to the Jedi temple to steal information from their archives.
This led him to several discoveries. Firstly, there are Jedi follow the “light” which gives them access to protective and indirect attack abilities such as distraction or interfering with others minds. This skillset based around deception always struck him as manipulative and dangerous – much like his own skillset.
The second set of force users were referred to as “dark” and used more direct combat abilities, the ability to project electricity or to constrict breathing at a distance regardless of armour. They also fought more aggressively or using other esoteric weaponry.
This led CT-1212 to one precise conclusion; Jedi of all kinds were not to be trusted and could easily present a severe threat to almost any form of conventional weaponry or soldiers. Based upon this he began developing any means possible to counter them in the field. (Author’s note: CT-1212 refers to all force users as “Jedi”, he doesn’t understand that there is a difference between them and Sith in any philosophical way and wouldn’t care to make the distinction even if he did).
Magenta level clearance ONLY beyond this point:
Report – CT-1212 583727 – Tactical possibilities and methodology for combating Jedi in the field

This unit has found several possible options when fighting Jedi, listed in order of preference:
1. Engage at extreme range with sniper rifles, preferably using disruptor class weaponry as the decreased travel time will usually prevent the Jedi from reacting quickly enough to dodge. Overplanning is also discouraged when using this strategy as the more planned an attack is, the more likely the target is to be able to use their precognitive abilities to avoid it.
2. Engage at medium range with overwhelming firepower from as many angles as possible, preferably using slug thrower class weaponry as Jedi can reflect blaster class weapons back at their users with relative ease in most circumstances.
3. Engage at close range using deck clearance or other spread type “shotgun” class weaponry to prevent the Jedi from being able to block.
4. Engage at close range using flame projectors, whipcord, electronet or other disabling type weapons. These cannot be blocked and are almost impossible for the Jedi to reflect back because of their small size and speed.

After Order 66, CT-1212 began to look for a way out, his independent nature getting the better of him. While working with Omega squad, he had found that he picked up their Mandalorian phrases and mannerisms so he took the retirement offered by the New Galactic Empire and for a few years found peace on Mandalore. However, when “The new guys” set up a base on Mandalore, he thought it was time to get out and make a living for himself any way he could.
Starting as an information broker, a job that came naturally to him after years in military intelligence, he made a name for himself in various communities – but he increasingly found himself missing the old days of fieldwork. With each job he handed off to a bounty hunter in exchange for a small fee from client and hunter (naturally), he found himself starting to wonder if he couldn’t do their jobs better himself.

Resolving to try, he equipped himself as best he could and went after a minor league bounty, one “Enzo” A’Morey, a small human with a decent price on his head. Protected by his long-time partner in crime, an seven foot tall enforcer known only as “Kaz”.
CT-1212 tracked the pair to a safehouse of theirs and contrived to arrange an outlaw gang attack on the house. The trooper simply fired upon a local gang, then appeared to hide in the safehouse. While Kaz came to deal with the trouble outside, CT-1212 snatched the considerably smaller A’Morey and began his bounty hunting career.
Since then, he has been on a relatively uneventful spree of collecting bounties, always looking to find some way to recreate his ARC armour set.

Sticking to his own code of honour, different to that of the standard Bounty Hunters Guild, CT-1212 steered clear of marks on people who had not committed crimes or other heinous acts. For the most part this prevented him from scoring any large bounties or particularly noteworthy catches. Because of this and his refusal to join the guild, he remains a reasonably small-time hunter making ends meet where he can and follows a phlosophy of “make do and mend” because he has no other option.

The latest target he aquired was one “Drak’Ra”, a large Trandoshan who CT-1212 believed to be a mad killer who slaughtered his family members and sounded like an appropriate challenge. Over the course of his preparations however, CT-1212 observed his target acting with restraint and sticking to a code of honour. Some instinct told CT-1212 that this bounty might not be the full story, and he resolved to find out as much as possible before considering taking him in.

List of gear during his missions in the clone wars:
Wrist mounted;
Electro net launcher (left)
(Electro net is a mono-filament net which restrains the target and delivers a stunning shock after two rounds)
Dart launcher (right) (Tracking darts)
Holdout blaster (both, only power for one to fire)
Grenades (Mer sonn stun/flashbang etc)
Whipcord/cable dispenser with ascender
EE-3 carbine
Various helmet vision modes
Mag-lock boots for EVA

“Look after the equipment two four, and the equipment will look after you”
CT-1212 to recon officer CT-8859

CT-1212 "Blackout"

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