Trandoshan Enforcer


7.9ft 300 pounds

Brawn 5 Agility 1 Intellect 2 Cunning 2 Willpower 2 Presence 2.


Drak’ra (meaning “Untameable Dragon” in Dosh) is the trandoshan bodyguard of the group. He was born on the trandoshan homeworld Dosha to a family of successful slavers. He was large by trandoshan standards and his size helped him in his early life as a slaver on Kashyyyk as he was of equal size and strength to most wookiees. Drak’ra was frequently called upon to escort wookiee prisoners and to recapture runaway slaves without causing them the sort of damage that would harm affect their price.

Although Drak’ra had always been told he should despise wookiees for their savagery and barbarism he respected their great strength and nobility; secretly he began to assist wookiee slaves. He would sneak them food and medicine and communicate with them regularly, building a mutual trust. Growing increasingly frustrated by the poor treatment he saw his wookiee friends receiving, and knowing their eventual fate was to be sold to the empire as slaves, he plotted with the wookiees to overpower his brothers and escape.

The plan succeeded, and the wookiees got off-world, but Drak’ra was confronted by his family members during the escape. After a fierce battle with his father he gained the upper hand, fatally impaling his father’s hearts upon his claws. Bleeding and broken, Drak’ra dragged himself aboard a merchant vessel bound for Tatooine, stowing himself inside the cargo hold. As the ship left the system his brothers discovered his betrayal and swore vengeance over the body of their father.

A brief search of the cargo hold led to the discovery of a number of wookiee pelts, a discovery that enraged Drak’ra. Upon landing on Tatooine in the port city of Mos Shutta, Drak’ra took it upon himself to kill and skin the crew of the merchant vessel, dumping their remains in their own cargo hold before burying the wookiee pelts in the desert. It was here that he discovered the bounty on his head and went into hiding, giving himself the pseudonym Krix. He quickly found work as an enforcer for a local crime boss, a rodian named Meelap. After a couple of years of faithful service, he was sent to collect the money owed by a twi’lek doctor Betty.

[Story not yet corroborated by penny] Drak’ra broke into Betty’s house/apartment/shack, intending to scare her into paying up, finding it empty he laid in wait planning to ambush her on her return. Unbeknownst to Drak’ra, Betty had somehow angered Wakka the Hutt. A professional mercenary squad was hired to kill or capture her, a squad that arrived at Betty’s house while Drak’ra was still lying in wait. They used a thermal detonator to blast a hole in the apartment wall, catching Drak’ra in the blast. Thinking he had been tracked down by a group of bounty hunters Drak’ra fought for his life like a cornered beast, sustaining a great many wounds. Adrenaline and rage gave him the strength to kill the last member of the hit squad before finally succumbing to his wounds and blacking out.

Betty returned home to a smoking wreck filled with corpses and a trandoshan at death’s door. She brought him back from the brink of death, a feat made possible by her extraordinary skill as a doctor and Drak’ra’s tenacity. As thanks for saving his life Drak’ra swore to protect her and became her bodyguard; it was shortly after this they resolved to escape from Mos Shutta.

After escaping Mos Shutta with the others Drak’ra took on a new identity to reduce the chance of bounty hunters coming his way, “Captain Trexx”, the deceased captain of the Latest Trick. His past on Kashyyyk remains a mystery to all but the bounty hunter CT-1212 “Blackout” who unknown to Drak’ra has become aware of the bounty but has as of yet taken no action.


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