Twi'lek Doctor


Race: Twi’lek
Sex: Female
Age: 22
Height: 6ft 2"

Blue & hot as hell.

Alternate Identities:

Mos Shutta Stripper,
Native Bug People’s Goddess,
Ming the Merciless,
Slave Girl,


Wounds: 11, Strain: 13, Soak: 1+2(Armour)


Brawn: 1, Agility: 2, Intellect: 3, Cunning: 4, Willpower: 2, Presence: 3


Astrogation R(0) – 3G
Athletics R(0) – 1G
Charm© R(2) – 2Y1G
Coercion R(0) – 1G
Computers R(1) – 1Y2G
Cool© R(1) – 2Y1G
Coordination R(0) – 2G
Deception© R(1) – 2Y2G
Discipline R(0) – 2G
Leadership© R(0) – 3G
Mechanics R(0) – 3G
Medicine© R(2) – 2Y1G
Negotiation© R(1) – 1Y2G
Perception R(1) – 1Y3G
Piloting-P R(0) – 2G
Piloting-S R(0) – 2G
Resilience© R(2) – 1Y1G
Skulduggery R(0) – 4G
Stealth R(0) – 2G
Streetwise© R(1) – 1Y3G
Survival R(0) – 4G
Vigilance R(0) – 2G
Ranged-Light R(1) – 1Y1G


Stimpack x 6
Physicians kit x 1
Sabacc Deck
Disguise Kit
Glow Rod
Climbing Gear (- rope)


Betty was a doctor who sold Grade A pharmaceuticals on the black market to earn a little extra dosh. The local planetary police caught on after a couple of years and raided Betty’s storage container. This prevented Betty from delivering her latest shipment drugs to the Wakka the Hutt.

Betty called on local crime boss Meelap to protect her from the authorities. Meelap helped Betty jump planet by stowing her away in a cargo ship. She also asked him apologise to Wakka on her behalf, but for unknown reasons Wakka never received the message.

A couple of months went by and Betty was barely able to make enough money live off. Meelap grew impatient of waiting for Betty’s repayment to arrive and sent his latest mercenary Drak’ra to collect the debt. Unknown to Drak’ra, Wakka the Hutt had also sent a professional mercenary squad to terminate Betty. When the hit squad arrived at Betty’s apartment Drak’ra was seen as a bodyguard and they did battle.

Betty returned to her apartment to find a room of corpses, rubble and a trandoshan at deaths door. Betty revived the mortally wounded trandoshan and as thanks for saving his life Drak’ra swore to protect her and became her bodyguard.

TBC (When I can be bothered)


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