Zhiran Xanthur

Falleen Smuggler, also known as the 'Wrapped Rogue'


Zhiran Xanthur is a Falleen, aged 67.
He is an accomplished Smuggler and pilot.

Xhizor Xanthur (Father)
Rzitha Xanthur (Mother)
Xhiru Xanthur (Older Brother)
Xhurin Xanthur (Younger Brother)

He has short black tendril like hair at the back of his head, and he constantly looks as if he is scowling thanks to his brow protrusions. Generally upbeat and known to think outside of the box.

His skin colour can quickly adapt whenever he needs, though his clothing does get in the way. He sometimes chooses to adopt a disguise where he wraps his exposed extremities in bandages and adopting his title as the ‘Wrapped Rogue’.


Zhiran is the middle son of the leader of the clan, Xanthur. He was always the good, dependable son that looked after his mischievous younger brother while following his older brother as best as he could.

He lived an easy life, learning martial combat from his tutors and managed business as much as he was allowed. Clan Xanthur was known for it’s shipping business on Falleen, their holdings stretching to starports and the sprawling factory districts. Zhiran took his place aboard one of the lead cargo ships and was often away for months at a time.

Upon returning from a particularly uneventful trading run, he found his entire clan wiped out. From his inspections it had appeared that his home district had suffered a lightning strike from para-military units, sweeping buildings and killing everyone they came across. His friends and colleagues – man, women and children alike – were strewn across the ground, slaughtered without any chance to escape or defend themselves.

Forced to go into hiding, Zhiran manged to get himself off-world posing as a worker for another clan. He later uncovered rumours about the attack while working with Falleen shipping industries that suggested a group’s involvement. A black star burnt onto their yellow shoulder pads and chest plates, the Dijon Star Syndicate. They had targeted his clan in order to secure contracts for another company led by their own boss, thereby securing their dominance in the region.

Zhiran swore revenge and began to investigate them, waiting for a chance to strike back. Unfortunately he was caught while on a stakeout and attacked by the syndicate thugs. Lying broken and bloody in an alleyway, he was left for dead and eventually rescued by a good samaritan. During his recovery he was introduced to a group of Falleen smugglers who had been previous employees of the Xanthur clan. His injuries masked his identity from them in the beginning, once they realised who he was they explained the truth behind the attack.

Zhiran’s younger brother Xhurin had joined up with a new syndicate that had been growing, in order to secure his promotion to the inner circle, he had offered up his own clan to give the syndicate room to grow. He had personally led the death squads into his former home and watched passively as they slaughtered his people.

Without the strength to fight back, Zhiran went into hiding offworld, posing as a smuggler, garbed in bandages. He grew to be known as the ‘Wrapped Rogue’ with strong connections to the underworld. His goal is to return to Falleen and restore his clan to what it was, and to destroy the Dijon Star Syndicate once and for all.

As for Xhurin, Zhiran is conflicted. On one hand he feels the need to punish his brother for his transgressions, but he cannot ignore the bonds he shares. He does not even know if his brother is still alive, the life of a criminal is never a long one.

Zhiran’s life since joining the crew of the Latest Trick, he has gone from a solo operator to a valued member on-board. Though circumstances drew him away while on Falleen, chasing down leads on his brother, when he felt that his friends were in danger he dropped everything and rushed to their aid. Unfortunately, at the time he was currently infiltrating a Star Destroyer that had info on where his brother had been sent.

As the Latest Trick attempted to run the blockade, Zhiran sabotaged the Star Destroyer and made his escape on a TIE Fighter, rushing into the fray and opening up his weapons on a group of TIEs about to launch an attack, creating an opportunity for everyone to escape.

Since then he has rejoined the crew, found a renewed friendship with Blackout, Draxx and Betty. Not to mention taking Endris on as a sort of mentor figure. This has helped him come to terms with the strange things happening in his life.

Initially he was feeling more powerful when pushing himself athletically, then while on the Star Destroyer he had a vision of his friends in danger, he did not understand but he reacted as fast as he could. Since then his powers have continued to develop and grow. He is better able to control his enhanced strength, he can reach out and feel someone’s mental state, he can sense emotions and life across distances. Unfortunately, his visions have improved as well, so much so that he witnessed the entire death of a planet while on mission.

Endris gave him a small book filled with stories about the fabled myths of the ‘Jedi’ in the past, Zhiran has taken to studying this book intently if only to try and understand what is changing inside him. His ambition is to become a hero that helps the world, but after his encounter with Kranoss Vahl he is beginning to worry that going down this path may lead to him becoming some sort of monster, or worse…

Zhiran Xanthur

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