Star Wars : Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Blasters

Flashback I - A-pizza the Hutt
of Spoons and Shits
Episode II - Plagued By Fear
Fighting tooth and claw.

Cap’n’s Log #00004

Buckle yer seats and prepare ye eyes for this daring episode of The Adventures of Captain Trexx. Following up on a task set by our fair incompetent patron Bighead Lady, we were on course fer a space station to find a missin’ shipment. Our second directive involved investigating the missing crew that went before us.

Upon arrival I immediately suspected the crew of the most foul devilry and was rude with the uppity flight control personnel. We were ambushed aboard a movin’ box and my quick thinking that was definitely mine and not Blackouts no matter what he tries tellin’ yer okay? meant we shot the knockout gas with our blasters and kept walkin’ and talkin’.

I raided the station’s brig, single-handedly subduing all 20 guards and rescuing a lady doctor and some bloke whose name I don’t remember. Was here I saw me first of the Rak’ghouls, those fearsome creatures of legend. I recognised them straight away, and warned me crew to keep their distance. At that exact moment, a tide of the damned things dropped from the ceiling, swarming over us. In a whirlwind of teeth, claws, blaster bolts and blades we fought our way through to the medical facility of the station in search of records on what was being done and to locate a remedy to the rak’ghoul disease.

Our helmsman and surgeon were given boosters, improving their resistance to the disease they would later become infected with. Before locating the missing shipment, we encountered King Rak’ghoul. This rak’ghoul had magic powers and wielded an enormous energy weapon. I gallantly waded through the sea of his minions before facing King Rak’ghoul one on one in a battle of the ages. I sustained many a wound in the encounter but being invincible I was able to see King Rak’ghoul lay dead long before I fell. I took me wounded party below decks to find the missing shipment, and ill fortunate befell us. The shipment had been aboard, but was moved to a warehouse on Falleen shortly before our arrival.

Short I - Tiiban Stakes
of Drak'ra and the Chunder Dragon

Cap’n’s Log #00003

With a fine space-wind at our back we made good time to the star’arbour on Roon. Bad fortune and worse pilotin’ caused our hypersails some damage so after a quick rendezvous with portmaster Jeb we plotted a course to Cho’k ‘n’ Dix junkyard. After some skillful negotiation, our pilot was struck dumb so we sent him back with the keys to the ship so that we may be made spaceworthy once more.

Having seen to my treasured Latest Trick, we ambled toward’ So-Ra-Heed, the saucy double-brained minx who sent us in search of that pointless mask. Here we learned that troublesome Mr L’ington has been seeking a number of artifacts, including a collection of masks such as the one he robbed from us; Sora’heed revealed her organisation contained a mole or two and departed to do some housekeeping after giving us a job to go check up on a missing shipment.

With that business concluded and without desire to spend any further time in that harlot’s company I took my crew to a nearby drinking den to soak up some local culture and hearsay. ’Tis here me memory fails me and I awoke in me chambers covered in vomit.

-Captain Trexx

Episode I - Looters of a Lost Cause
Raiders of the lost dark

Cap’n’s Log #0002
Me fearless crew and I were hired to do a spot of treasure hunting, and so it was we landed in a swamp on Koruss. Our objective was a funny mask we thought to find in the area. As we built a raft to cross a small river without getting damp, a band of natives accosted us; our surgeon managed to convince them she were an avatar of their deity to I cleverly used this distraction to cleave them apart with me trusty axe.

Following an altercation with a swamp kraken and having taken one of the natives captive we set a course for TREASURE and before long arrived at a funny rock mountain. Inside we met a strange old bloke who made Twelves do something on his own in a room before our captive mate talked us into the old bloke’s inner sanctum. Me helmsman said something that didn’t sit well with the old bloke and he set his metal men on us. I lept on him and turned his face to pulp, but not before he had used his magic to batter me about with the scenery. We beat a hasty retreat, grabbing the treasure on the way as the room fell apart.

Upon our exit, a smug-lookin’ posh sort with at least a thousand armed men and a big blue first mate waylaid us. We handed over the mask in exchange for some credits, and he ran off, setting his men on us. By skillfully mutilating his first mate in front of his boys, we convinced the thousand-strong army to back down and left the planet at once.

One day I will track this Mr Lington down and tear his heart from his chest!

-Captain Trexx

Origins - Escape from Mos Shuuta
A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away ...

Cap’n’s Log #00001

I, Captain Trexx of the Latest Trick have decided that my daring adventures should be chronicled which is why I have begun writing a Captain’s Log; once I have retired from adventuring I shall publish this logbook so all will know the tale of Captain Trexx. This shall be my first entry.

Using my cunning and guile I have assembled a fine crew for me ship. A helmsman by the name of Zhiran, a surgeon by the name of Betty and a bloke whose name is numbers who shoots people and can fix things good so I’ll call ’im me shipwright. Having met and decided to strike out for fame and fortune we stopped off in a cantina for a drink. Angry pig-men chased us inside so Twelves hopped the bar and cleaned a glass, Betty got real friendly with a dancing girl and Zhiran put his back to the wall and stripped off ’is pantaloons. Not wanting to see what came next I ended the bar-brawl before is began with skillful application of me thumb-claws to pig-eyes. We went by a junk-shop on the way to me ship where we picked up a thingy-ma-bob to make my ship work again and an R2 astromech droid for company.

After taking care of business at the junk-shop, I had my ship released from the docking clamp, and our crew boarded the ship with no troubles and definitely no shooting, wrestling, face smashing or identity theft. Then so it was our adventure began, I feel this crew will go far and I anticipate great things. Moreover I feel like a new man, a new Captain Trexx.

-Definitely Captain Trexx


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