Number One Fan of Captain Trexx

A rodian boy child the crew met on Roon. Kreev found Captain Trexx’s tales of adventure and battle thoroughly entertaining but the influence of these tales could be considered by some, such as Endris Foresight to be corrupting.

Kreev’s home was damaged once when the crew were attacked by Betty‘s debtor Drak’ra’s and previous employer Meelap. Captain Trexx paid for and assisted in the repair of his house like a responsible adult.

When Roon was assaulted by the Genesis Archive Kreev’s mother was slain and Kreev was found by the crew after apparently managing to kill two archivists.

Kreev now remains in Equatreek, a city on Rodia where his father, through a series of events which are detailed in Trexx’s log, has recently become the de facto ruler or ‘Lord Protector’.


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