Memorable Quotes

Hey Blackout! I’m a CHUNDER-DRAGON!
- Drak’ra, Session 3 (inside a cantina after drinking a “Saarlac”)

I’m Captain Trexx,
Watch my muscles flex,
They are my pecs.
- Drak’ra, Session 3 (singing to himself while locked in his quarters)

How dare you cross my path you ignorant buffoon. If this wasn’t such a special occasion I’d ball out your eyes with this spoon and use them to garnish my drink, you insolent piece of shit.
- Betty (as Ming the Merciless), Session 5

Fifteen trandoshans on a dead man’s ship
lookin’ down the barrel of a gun
hissin’ to each other
through big, sharp teeth,
sayin “this one’ll give us some fun”

Fourteen trandoshans on imperial ship
killin’ anything not scaley
hissin’ to each other
through big sharp teeth,
sayin’ ‘times be getting scarey’

Thirteen trandoshans with a dead man’s chest
hopin’ to quench their greedy thirst,
hissin’ at each other
through big sharp teeth
sayin’ I was da wun dat saw it first

One trandoshan left to steal the loot
wishin’ it hadn’t turned out so,
hissin’ to ‘imself
through big sharp teeth
sayin’ I shoulda let the pilot go!

Continues in trandoshan for 15 more versus.

-Sung by Drak’ra in space over the Battle for Roon 1BBY

Memorable Quotes

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