Star Wars : Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Blasters

Short I - Tiiban Stakes

of Drak'ra and the Chunder Dragon

Cap’n’s Log #00003

With a fine space-wind at our back we made good time to the star’arbour on Roon. Bad fortune and worse pilotin’ caused our hypersails some damage so after a quick rendezvous with portmaster Jeb we plotted a course to Cho’k ‘n’ Dix junkyard. After some skillful negotiation, our pilot was struck dumb so we sent him back with the keys to the ship so that we may be made spaceworthy once more.

Having seen to my treasured Latest Trick, we ambled toward’ So-Ra-Heed, the saucy double-brained minx who sent us in search of that pointless mask. Here we learned that troublesome Mr L’ington has been seeking a number of artifacts, including a collection of masks such as the one he robbed from us; Sora’heed revealed her organisation contained a mole or two and departed to do some housekeeping after giving us a job to go check up on a missing shipment.

With that business concluded and without desire to spend any further time in that harlot’s company I took my crew to a nearby drinking den to soak up some local culture and hearsay. ’Tis here me memory fails me and I awoke in me chambers covered in vomit.

-Captain Trexx


FCaldwell FCaldwell

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