Star Wars : Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Blasters

Episode IV - More Machines Than Men

Doctors and Corpses

Cap’n’s Log #00004 (continued further)

It was apparent that the only way we had to develop a cure was to break into a fancy medical facility and ‘borrow’ the use of their lab equipment. Our plan required an extra gun, as our helmsman had gone walkabouts on his own and wouldn’t be joining us for the job. We found a man for the job, and went to get his attention. We found him in a cantina, talked him into joining and after I gave him a quick job interview to assess his suitability for the job in which he shot me in the bollocks we were good to go.

Flying alongside the building, we shot a line into the side of the building, and as planned I heroically flung myself through the storage room window. We secured the immediate area and gathered suitable disguises: Blackout and Endris found security uniforms, Betty and Dr. Hanay found doctor suitable doctor attire, and in a feat of skulduggery unmatched by even the most professional infiltrators, I managed to disguise myself as an invalid. The disguises held and we began work on the cure, unfortunately things became complicated when my ship was discovered floating outside their QA office window and we were investigated by a group of security guards. After a quick and decisive battle in which I nobly took three hostages, we escaped through a window, intending to immediately head out into space and return to our employer.


FCaldwell rareveritt

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