Star Wars : Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Blasters

Coup! There it is!

Cap'n's Log 00007

On arrival, we head to Rodia customs where we are permitted a meeting with Lord Protector Grabbit, who happened to be Kreev‘s uncle so we may explain our situation and our refugees, (including the children I saved) could be given refuge. The Lord Protector had other ideas though, the refugees were to be allowed in on the condition my crew and I murder the leader of a resistance movement who staunchly oppose the planet’s imperial rule.

Shocked that a person would turn away his own brother and nephew if a murder wasn’t carried out, but given no choice but to accept, we agreed to his condition so that the children would have a place to sleep.

We set out to investigate the situation, planning to meet with our target and assess the situation from there, at first our search was met with open hostility and I had to crack a few heads before we could get some answers. We eventually tracked the leader to his base of operations which we infiltrated in order to set up a meeting. I interrupted his deal with a notorious crime syndicate, and thanks to my crew’s tactical positioning I was able to lead negotiations on a new deal without anyone shooting me. We agreed that the Lord Protector must be replaced and we made plans together, Kreev’s father would be his replacement, word of his deal with us would be spread and with popular support we would storm the palace and depose the evil Grabbit, pawn of the Empire.

Our plan worked, aside from our shipwright being skewered upon a vibrospear (nothing our surgeon couldn’t fix) and a new, more sympathetic Lord Protector was instated, I set the new regieme up with an arms dealer I’d crossed paths with and after saying our goodbyes we went on with out misson.

I write this as we enter the hyperspace lane headed to Nar Shaddaa following a lead that should let us move on the Genesis Archive. An unknown vessel opened fire on us as we left Rodian atmosphere but they were no match for us. The loss of our old helmsman, who had been acting strangely before finally just leaving us for unknown reasons has not dampened the prowess of the Latest Trick!

I’ll probably never learn who ‘twas who thought to challenge the mighty Captain Trexx in open space. For now we sail onward to Smuggler’s Moon, all this revolution has me eager to spill Genesis Archive blood.


FCaldwell rareveritt

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