Star Wars : Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Blasters

I left my Heart in the Cold Vacuum of Space

Everything is fine. We successfully took over the imperial ship ‘Steelheart’ rescued some prisoners and retrieved an abudance of cargo including the majority of the shipment for Wakka.

Zando Zando proved himself a loyal, useful member of the crew and because if his loyalty and skill with my vibrospear I have decided to initiate him into the crew. He will be Zando Zando, janitor of the Latest Trick as soon as he supplies his own mop and bucket.

Alas the mutiny I feared did occur; the malcontented Blackout didn’t accept me as Captain and corrupted the mind of poor Endris. Betty was all too happy to come with me to complete the mission but I bade her stay with the others. Maybe one day she may convince them to repent for their treacherous ways and realise what a fair and just Captain I was to them. At any rate I was concerned I may attempt something foolish soon and wouldn’t want her hurt because of it. She isn’t invincible like me.

Artoo came to me to tell me I have an abnormally large quantity if nasolacrimal fluid in my system and I’ve been very emotional recently. I called him a stupid metal bastard and told him to piss off.

Soon I’ll be back on Tatooine, what happens next will be an adventure, more amazing than anything I’ve experienced so far. If you are reading this now there’s a chance it hasn’t happened yet; if you wish to be a part of it, contact Captain Drak. The Latest Trick is looking for new crew.


FCaldwell rareveritt

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