Star Wars : Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Blasters

R & R

A Brief Respite

Day One

The crew and I had been racing around the galaxy non-stop for far too long, our only rest had been the tedious hyperspace journeys spent recovering from our last scrape and preparing for the next; none complained but being an attentive captain I decided to give everyone about a month’s R&R. I set us down for a sojourn on Tatooine, outer rim’s a safer place now the Empire knows Captain Drak is after them.

Day Four

Old Blackout keeps grumbling; as shipwright I had him fix up the Trick and oversee the new hardware installations I paid for. He says he’s not been paid enough to be doing that work and the work on some new hardware for myself and Betty. He seems to think his work is worth more credits than the work Endris does getting us through the cruel vacuum of space or Betty does keeping us all alive.

Day Six

I acquired some new equipment for Betty since for the longest time she’s been wanding around in a big black sheet we found in an old ruin. Doesn’t matter what she’s paid she won’t waste it on shoes, or anything for that matter.

Day Seven

Blackout and Endris have left to do some cheeky jobs on the side, I can’t complain if they want to keep their skills sharp and earn some more credits but I can’t help but worry they’re not getting properly rested. Betty and I are spending our time rollicking, my favourite thing to do.

Day Eleven or maybe Thirteen

Losin’ track of days with all this rollicking, been tellin’ tales of me exploits at all the cantinas and all the locals be buying me drinks to hear more. I love a good rollick.

Day Twenty-nine

After a particularly long rollick I took a liking to me drinking companions and offered them a chance at glory. The enthusiastic and brave Zando Zando came forward and so too did stoic Neb the legless, so called because he had no legs. It has been a fine old time of rollicking

Day Thirty

Our R & R rollick has rather ran its course and it is once more time to haul away and race off into the stars.

We regrouped in the shadow of our mighty new Latest Trick, where we parlayed with the old salt Wakka the sea slug. He had the location of a worthy target to test our upgrades on and enlisted me and my crew to retrieve a shipment of “medical supplies” We agreed and were starbound in no time. Time for Captain Drak to take another heart.


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