Star Wars : Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Blasters

The Rise of Captain Drak

Now you may well ask: ‘surely Captain Trexx is invincible, and proper sexy too. How can he be killed?’ You’d be right to ask and the answer is sure to blow your mind.

I am Captain Drak Hellfang and I killed Captain Trexx, yes the Captain Trexx not some other guy just calling himself Trexx but I did that too he was also a captain but I mean Captain Trexx of the Latest Trick who didn’t save the children and was by all accounts a bit of a a wrongun even though the other one was of the Latest Trick and did save the children both dead by me Captain Drak the real hero of this story. Okay?

So now I’ve got that twist properly revealed and explained let’s move the story along to me waking up in a tube.

I woke up in a tube, then went immediately to a cantina to get my wits collected and find passage off the moon. Fortune would have it an old acquaintance o’ mine Dav “Davey” Davson a smuggler from my old days on Tatooine was in that very cantina. I exchanged pleasantries with some locals, paid for some of old Davey’s drinks and learned of a clever way to smuggle myself and me lads aboard the Trick.

After infiltrating our own ship and evading the imperial authorities we set hypersail for the frozen word of… Sullust I reckon. We would soon have our droid friend back a’board.

We loaded up on supplies from a little space station on the way then landed and made for the local genesis archivist hotspot. Stopping only to set up a tent and change into more suitable battlegear we came to the entrance to the facility. Sharp wits and sharper senses detected an ambush group on a hill, I cleverly had Endris flank ’em while Blackout made his shots count and stopped the ambush, saving them from the wrath of me, Captain Drak.

We stormed the facility, killed hundreds of archivists and their pet rancor, raided their servers for intel and retrieved our mechanical crewmate.

We left shortly afterwards aboard the Latest Trick. I may get her a few upgrades now, she earned something for all this.


FCaldwell rareveritt

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